Property Features

  • Access: 1.3km NW of JR Iimori Station
  • Built: 2022
  • Construction: 2-Storey Wooden Frame Aluminum Frame
  • Drinking Water: Town Water
  • Gas: LPG
  • Land Category: Residential
  • Max Floor-Area Ratio: 50%
  • Max Foot Print Ratio: 30%
  • Road Facing: Public Road
  • Sewage: Septic Tank
  • Zoning: Unspecified



Category of property;
     Holiday house
       Construction method;
            Wooden building
         Kamishiro 27721, Hakuba, Nagano, Japan
           In Meitetsu holiday homes area
           Land: 504 sqm
           Floor in total: 181.78 sqm
          Registration:  Nov 2021
          Completion:  Aug 2022
     Performance and quality;
         Approved as a long-life quality housing by the Japanese government.
        UA value: 0.38 W/sqm・K
        C value: 0.61 sqcm/sqm
    Features and characteristics;
        It’s a building with a timeless design. It has a natural stone chipped roof
        while the walls are laid with cream-colored natural Cotswold stones from


        3 bedrooms + spacious loft
        2.5 bathrooms

Two cars are able to park in the built-in garage with wireless remote controllable

       power door.
Although the living room is large and spacious with a height of 6.2 meters, as
       there are no horizontal beams, it’s giving the area a very open and welcoming feel.
       Even though the building has earned the earthquake high resistance building
       certification from the Japanese government.
Most materials, including the garden and interiors, are all natural.

The high-performance build and 24-hour ventilation make the interior comfortable

       throughout the four seasons. During the winter months, the floor is heated
       throughout the house by an eco-friendly geothermal heat source.

Furnished with European Mid-century Vintage pieces.

Tap water is sourced from the Northern Japan Alps flowing with melted glacier water,

      it is very delicious and safe to drink.

The onsen (hot spring, man-made) in the Master Bedroom runs 24/7. The onsen

      consists of ingredients derived from ores with medical benefits approved by
      the Japanese government such as fatigue recovery, improvement of rheumatism
      (inflammation in joints, muscles, etc), rash, neuralgia, stiff neck, bruises, backache,
      poor circulation, etc.
Last Updated: 2023/5/2
Next Update: 2023/8/1


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