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Privacy Policy


At Hakuba Mominoki Hotel Public Company ("the hotel") we stress the importance of privacy and social responsibility. That is why we developed a privacy policy which outlines below the procedure to which we handle our guests' personal information with caution and care.

1. Collecting personal information

We collect personal information in a legal and fair way to the extent necessary for the purposes such as surveys, email subscription, rewards, selling communication services. If we collect personal information from individials other than the guest, we take the guest's permission.

2. Handling and protection of personal information

When we handle our guests' personal information at our hotel, we take all the necessary measures to prevent its disclosure, loss, misuse, illegal access from ouside of the hotel. We are committed to protecting information security so to guard against the third party interception when transmitting information, we have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and other encryption programs installed. To provide exceptional service to our guests, there are cases when we entrust handling personal information to third parties.In such cases, we instruct affiliated outsourcing companies ("outsource companies") to handle this information with care and supervise them on this matter.

3. Using personal information

We use the personal information of our guests only to the extent needed to provide them with a pleasant environment and exceptional service during their stay. We only use this information for the following specific purposes:

《 Delivery of different kinds 》

Booking confirmation, sending documents, sending merchandise, and other mailing.

《 Direct mailing 》

We send information on events, restaurants, accommodation plans, etc.

《 Other communication 》

The hotel may also make communication by phone, post or e-mail if we find it necessary.
If there is a change in the purposes laid out above, as a rule we contact the guest directly via mail to let them know about it.
We also make these changes public on our web-page.

4. Disclosure of personal information

At this hotel we do not disclose personal information to third parties without the guest's permission, except for cases when it is required by law, or when requested by public organizations such as the court or the police.

5. Release, revision or deletion of personal information.

At this hotel, if we receive a request from the guest to release, revise or delete their personal information, after completing the necessary confirmation procedures with the guest we procede to dealing with it as quickly as possible in accordance with socially accepted means and customary practices.

6. Internal organization

At this hotel, we make sure that the privacy policy is adhered to by all our employees, by providing them with necessary training and guidance.

7. Revision or improvement

In line with the handling of personal information, there may be changes or improvements made to the items outlined above.

8. Compliance with the law

In relation to the handling of personal information, we comply to the Japanese information protection laws and ordinances as well as other norms.

9. Enquiries

If you have any questions related to the collection and use of personal information, please feel free to contact us.
In addition, we will need to verify the identity of the person making enquiry, so we ask for your understanding.

※ If you do not wish to receive e-mails, direct mails etc. with information about our new products and services, please direct your questions to the same contact point.

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